Couples Counseling & Relationship Therapy

Couples counseling focuses on the concerns existing in the relationship between two people. Here the ‘couple’ is the client as opposed to a single individual. Couples therapy involves looking at the patterns of interaction between partners and learning ways to communicate more effectively so partners maintain connection and caring. Important to this process is identifying patterns of interaction that are benefiting, or nurturing, the relationship as opposed to those that are working towards its detriment. Psychoeducation and interpersonal skills are important components of couples counseling, as well as is learning to honor each others' point of view.

Christina's work with couples integrates components of John Gottman's research-based relationship interventions with her own unique approach which hinges on three main tangents; (1) Honoring, (2) Prioritizing, and (3) Compromising. Each couple's treatment is solution-orientated and geared towards their specific needs. And while it may be necessary to meet with the individual parties separately during the treatment process, the 'couple' remains the client with goals set accordingly.