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    SOS for Stepmoms:

    Stepmoms Offering Support for Stepmoms

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    Are you a Stepmom feeling at the end of your rope? Feeling confused as to what your role is?

    Dating a single father? Thinking of marrying someone with kids and don't know what to Expect?

    Do you find yourself avoiding your stepchildren?

    Is your stepfamily not what you expected?

    Exclusively for stepmoms and soon-to-be-stepmoms, this group provides a supportive and caring environment for new and seasoned stepmothers to connect and share experiences. Join us as we dispel common stepfamily myths and learn how to avoid becoming the evil stepmother. All stepmoms welcome!

    RSVP required as space is limited. Reservations accepted through or by calling 813-784-8952. 

    In-office groups are typically held the second and fourth Monday of each month from 6:30pm - 8:00pm. Distance group is scheduled once a month. Check date and times of Distance Group. REDUCED RATE of $20 per person.

    Our Goal:

    • Provide a safe and supportive environment where stepmothers can feel comfortable in discussing their thoughts about stepparenting
    • Offer support and the opportunity to support others in their journey as a stepmother
    • Members benefit from a small group size, no greater than 10 women
    • Discuss research on stepfamily dynamics and how these lessons can be applied to daily living
    • Validate each stepmom's experience and give her tools to apply to her specific situation
    • The group is solution-focused and not a 'complaining' session
    • Create a nonjudgmental culture where members feel welcomed and valued
    • Facilitated in an informal fashion, group discussion is encouraged in an effort to have those in attendance walk away with more tools to implement in their specific "step" situation

    What members are saying:

    Thank you very much for allowing me to be a part of your Step-Mom Support Group.  I was not sure what to expect going in, I just knew I needed to find a resource to help me through the transitions and challenges of being a step-mother.  With your leadership and experiences, you guided me into the understanding that the feelings I am experiencing are normal and I am not the only one having these feelings.  The laid-back setting you provide for the group interaction is very comfortable.  I felt I could share information with openness and confidentially...  

    ...Thank you again, Christina, for providing the opportunity to help me understand and accept my feelings, enabling me a more positive step-mom experience, as well as feeling more confidence overall.

    --- Tampa Stepmom


    I really enjoyed meeting you and taking part in the stepmom group.

    --- Orlando Stepmom


    If you are in a stepfamily or thinking of joining a stepfamily, the advice that Christina offers is priceless. Her coaching techniques offer very valuable knowledge to help stepfamilies be successful.

    --- Lutz Stepmom


    I enjoyed having the interaction with everyone and knowing I am not alone in my situation.

    --- Brandon Stepmom