Let's Start with the Relationship You Have With Yourself!

Whether you are in a 'step' relationship or not, at times the first step towards improving the relationships you have in your life is to start with The Relationship You Have With Yourself. Do you feel angry all the time and don’t know why? Have feelings of being lost and hopeless, as though no one understands you? You may feel like an outsider, looking in on your life and not liking what you see. Is your anxiety getting in the way of you accomplishing your goals? Are you tired of feeling alone in your concerns?

Christina Roach is a good listener and she wants to get to know YOU, not how others’ perceive you, but you and how you think and feel about what’s going on in your life. She offers a nonjudgmental environment where she hopes you will feel comfortable to do the work necessary to achieve your goals. You will not be alone in this work as she takes an active role in the process. Her approach is solution-oriented as she works with you to move towards the future you desire.

A common misunderstanding is that counseling focuses primarily on one’s past. This is not necessarily true as it is the theoretical orientation of the therapist and the needs of the client which dictate how much attention is placed on one’s family of origin and past experiences. Many therapeutic approaches place emphasis on the here-and-now, as well as the future. Some clients do not necessarily need to look to their past in order to move forward. Christina’s training as a mental health counselor grants her the ability to help clients gain an understanding or level of acceptance of their past as needed. During the course of treatment it may be recognized that what we learned growing up is not beneficial to us now. Here, Christina helps clients learn new ways of approaching life circumstances that serve their best interests.

Another common misunderstanding is that therapy is only needed when a problem occurs and is seen as a last resort. It can be very beneficial to seek the help of a professional before a concern gets ‘out of hand’. Also, engaging in a therapeutic relationship for self-growth purposes can positively influence other areas of one’s life. Therapy is a gift we give ourselves as one of the best investments one can make is in oneself.