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Success for Steps® Methodology

Christina Roach is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, as well as a Master Stepfamily Counselor (certified through the Stepfamily Foundation). She also has advanced clinical training for working with stepfamilies through the National Stepfamily Resource Center, the Alabama Community Healthy Marriage Initiative, and the Florida Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. 

Working with Individuals, Couples, and Families

Christina works with individuals, couples, and families experiencing stepfamily and relationship concerns (including the relationship you have with yourself). And given that many people are affected by the creation of a stepfamily, her clients include children, adolescents, adults, stepparents, biological residential and non-residential parents, and bio- and step-grandparents. In addition, she has many clients with other concerns which may or may not be related to stepfamilies, including women's issues; life transitions; GLBT issues; stress and anger management; parental alientation; and personal growth. Christina offers a FREE Initial Consultation for potential new clients.Save & Close

Taking a Solution-Focused Approach

With more than half of US families living in step, it is essential to select a provider that is not only knowledgeable but also provides evidence-based interventions. Christina takes a solution-focused approach as her passion is to help individuals, couples, and families make their experience in 'step' a successful one. She takes a directive approach with clients in acknowledging the unique dynamics of the stepfamily unit, and works with them to devise an actionable blueprint they can implement in their own lives.  

Honoring Each Other's Reality

In her work Christina is mindful of each person’s point of view. She teaches feuding clients to honor the other’s point of view and then move to developing a mutually agreed upon structure for the couple and the family. Also important to the process is the development of a shared goal and then assistance in developing and strengthening the skills needed to realize the stated goal.

Establishing Rules, Roles, and Responsibilities

The methodology Christina uses pays particular attention to the "3 R's: Rules, Roles, and Responsibilities" in the stepfamily system as each of these components has great influence on the new family unit. The stepfamily structure’s impact on children is also a primary focus. Christina helps you increase couple strength and teach co-parenting strategies that work. She also works with clients in acknowledging any unresolved issues and old patterns of functioning from previous relationships that may have been brought into the new union. Christina works with clients on these issues and in understanding their impact on the new family. 

Learning Tools for the 'Real' World of Stepfamily Life

Christina works with you to find solutions to problems unique to stepfamilies. She helps take the guess work out of living in step and provides you with practical tools that are applicable in the ‘real’ world. It has been found that in first marriages marital satisfaction starts out high and then declines. The reverse is true for stepfamilies where marital satisfaction starts out low and then climbs. While we want to harness this upward momentum, our strategy at Success for Steps® is to promote the health and vitality of the stepfamily unit from its formation on Day One as it is our mission to Help Stepfamilies Become Stronger & Thrive.

If you have any questions concerning this methodology and/or Christina's work with clients, please forward her your comments.