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    Stepfamily Coaching

    Christina Roach is a Master Stepfamily Coach/Counselor, certified through the Stepfamily Foundation, and personally trained by Dr. Jeannette Lofas, one of the leading pioneers in stepfamily work. She has also received advanced clinical training from the National Stepfamily Resource Center and studied underneath top stepfamily researchers including Dr. Kay Pasley, Dr. Patricia Papernow, and Dr. Scott Browning. 

    As a Master Stepfamily Coach/Counselor, Christina teaches clients the unique dynamics of stepfamilies and how they differ from first families, providing clients tools specifically tailored to the stepfamily unit, and assisting clients in the implementation of these tools. In this role, she helps clients solve problems, reach identified goals, design an action plan and make important decisions according to said plan.

    Who can benefit from Stepfamily Coaching?

    • Couples who are engaged or newly married into a stepfamily as the process focuses on helping partners understand and effectively manage their new family system; thus, setting them up for long-term success.
    • Separated and divorced spouses will learn better ways to communicate about the child(ren) and develop co-parenting agreements that work to everyone's advantage. Research has shown that children of parents who cooperate in child-rearing function best after divorce and Success for Steps® offers the necessary tools to make this happen. 
    • Stepmoms confused and frustrated about their role in 'step'
    • Stepdads who are at a loss for finding guidance as a stepfather
    • Biological parents faced with their ex's new partner 
    • Those living in the Tampa Bay area... Success for Steps® has an office in Tampa
    • Live outside Tampa Bay area? Distance Stepfamily Coaching services available