Family Therapy

Family therapy involves looking at the patterns of interaction between family members and learning ways to communicate more effectively. Important to this process is identifying patterns of interaction that are benefiting, or nurturing, the relationships within the family as opposed to those that are working toward their detriment. Similar to couples counseling, psychoeducation and interpersonal skills are important components of the family therapy process.

Christina's work with families involves understanding each member's expectations and removing blame from one individual, and instead looking at the dynamic which is perpetuating the problem. Through (1) Honoring, (2) Prioritizing, and (3) Compromising, Christina works with families in developing a strong base from which they can begin having positive interactions out-weigh negative ones. Treatment is solution-orientated and geared towards each family's specific needs. Sessions may include the entire family, as well as subsystems of the family. All the while, though, the 'family' remains the client and goals are set accordingly.