Counseling & Stepfamily Coaching

Christina Roach works with individuals, couples, and families experiencing stepfamily and relationship concerns; women's issues; self-esteem issues; life transitions; stress and anger management; and personal growth concerns. She works with clients in designing customized treatment plans that meet their needs and are applicable to the 'real' world.

Counseling Services

Individual Psychotherapy

Couples Counseling and Relationship Therapy

Family Counseling

Stepfamily Coaching

Stepmom Group- Exclusively for stepmoms, this group provides a supportive and caring environment for new and seasoned stepmoms to connect and share experiences. Dispel common stepfamily myths and learn how to avoid becoming the evil stepmother.

Internet/Telephone Stepfamily Coaching & Distance Counseling

As a Distance Credentialed Counselor (DCC), Christina Roach offers clients the flexibility of online and telephone therapy services.

Stepfamily Coaching

Stepfamily Coaching for Couples Personalized training to help you and your partner understand and effectively manage your new family system. This program is highly recommended for those wanting to get their stepfamily ‘off on the right foot’. Great for couples who are engaged or newly married into a stepfamily.

Co-Parenting Coaching Separated and divorced spouses can benefit from learning better ways to communicate about the child(ren) and in the development of co-parenting agreements. Research has shown that children of parents who cooperate in child-rearing function best after divorce and we offer the necessary tools to make this happen.

In-Person and Telephone Coaching Available In-person coaching services are available at our office conveniently located in the Hyde Park area of Tampa, with some coaching services being offered over the telephone & internet. Telephone/Internet services are determined on an individual-client basis.

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